Some people when it comes to gardening have the green thumb, my wife calls my gardening skills the sore thumb. At first when I moved into my new home I was so excited to get to work in the garden but I soon realized that I had no experience in plants and I needed some backyard landscape ideas. Luckily our local gardening store had no shortage of backyard landscaping ideas for me to work with.

After hard thought and deliberating with my wife we decided we would make two gardens in the back yard, one for vegetables like cucumbers and tomatoes that we would grow our selves and the other would be a more appealing flower garden. We also decided on having mid sized trees line the border of our property as we found this much nicer then staring at a brown wooden fence.

After the advice of the expert at our local gardening store and lots of back breaking hard work my backyard landscaping ideas were starting to become a reality. Today it’s a peaceful oasis of flowers shrubs and grass that my wife and I enjoy spending time with our young children.

If you have your own backyard landscaping idea and you want it to become a reality on a limited budget, do what I did and consult with your local gardening store first. You should also realize the amount of work it takes to actually implement your ideas. it, In the past few weeks I have grown accustomed to all the different gardening tools out there, and to tell l you the truth I can’t wait till next year to do it all over again and see the re birth of some of our plants and tulips from this season. My backyard landscaping ideas were actually quite rewarding.

Best Gardening and landscaping Services

Tropical Landscaping

Plants make all the difference
You will need a lot of plants to create a tropical landscaping. There are a lot of plants that will grow in any weather condition. You can find out what these plants are with research with the internet or asking someone at your home and garden center.

Add a water feature
What is a better method to feel like you are in a tropical getaway then having a stunning water feature in your backyard? You can plan something small or if you have the room go for the gold and design something brilliant. Make certain that you have enough space and do not make it look showy or pompous.

You can put in rocks and stones around your yard all along with the plants and flowers. This will add to the tropical experience and bring a more expected look to your landscape.

Ponds and fish
One immense way to bring a tropical feel to your backyard is by inserting a pond. Even if you do not have a huge area, you can make a great looking small pond nevertheless. To add to the whole tropical idea, just add some tropical fish and plants. This will generate a soothing and peaceful ambiance.

Another significant factor in designing a tropical landscape is the furniture that you select. There are an abundance of stores that present great wicker and tropical themed furniture. You will be in no doubt to find something that matches your theme with the same fashion and also add comfort to your backyard.

Accessories are the final touch
Accenting your tropical theme with accessories is a great idea. Candles or tiki torches will make you feel like you are on vacation and will be great if you throw parties. Fruit trees will give your back yard a fruity scent which counts as an accessory. There are many ways to compliment your new back yard.

Pond Landscaping

Despite popular belief building a pond is actually quite easy to do. By creating a pond in your back yard you are making a beautiful focal point that all your friends will envy. By putting plants and rocks around your pond you are truly making something unique that not many people think to do with their back yard.

Planning your pond
You have several options when deciding to build a pond. There is choosing the location of where you put the pond, how big you want it, and how you will go about building one. You can purchase a pond kit that will have everything you will be needing or you can create one from scratch. You could also hire someone to build one for you if you don’t feel up to the challenge.

Pick a spot with at least four to six hours of sunlight each day. The majority of the water plants that you attach to your water landscape will require full sun. You will also wish to keep the pond away from trees to do away with leaves and debris. You will want to pick a spot that will not obstruct electrical sources for safety reasons.

The view
While you are deciding where to position your pond landscaping, make sure that you choose a site that you can observe from the inside of your home. This is so that you can take pleasure in your creation from indoors or outdoors.

Shape is important
Mull over the shape of your pond landscape design. Make certain that it will fit in your area and go well with your personality. If you are after a more reserved look, then rectangular and square features are paramount. Curving and odd shapes are more for the casual look.

Around your water landscape
When you are done with your pond installation, then it is time to work out what you are going to do about it. There are a lot of diverse ways to decorate your pond landscape. You can select brick, stone, or even line your pond in the midst of flowers. It depends on the look you want to accomplish.

Final touches to your pond
Fish and plants are magnificent ways to add a calming and attractive look to your pond. It is imperative not to overload your pond with too many fish or plants. Water plants will cultivate swiftly and spread out and the fish will almost certainly reproduce.

With a little planning and a lot of work, you can achieve a unique and beautiful look all in the comfort of your back yard! So quit reading and start planning!

Landscaping Bridges

There is nothing like a beautiful bridge in spring time. Something to walk over with the person you love, or to have as a back drop for unique and pretty pictures of you and your family. Wouldn’t it be great to have just that in your back yard? There are many ways to work a bridge into your landscaping in your back yard.

Add a pond and a bridge to your landscape
It’s not often that you see a bridge in someone’s back yard. To be truly different from your friends and have something special for you and your family. Constructing a bridge in your yard will certainly grab positive attention in your backyard.

Professional or amateur
When you are deciding to put up a bridge in your backyard, you have a few options. You can either create the bridge yourself or you can employ someone to do the labor for you. Hiring someone to do the work for you may well charge you rather a bit. If you do the work by hand, you will save money and have added fun showing off your work.

Creating a footbridge for your landscape
To make a footbridge that leads you to your deck or garden and extends over a pond, you will require wood, nails, and a little originality. The first thing that you require to get into shape is the frame for the bridge. This will be whatever shape and length you decide is most excellent for your location.

Starting on your pond
To get started on your pond, stake out your area with paint. Dig out the area that you desire to have your pond in and go three or four inches deeper than the preferred depth of the pond, which would be like 15 to 20 inches.

Get rid of the debris
Get rid of all of the roots and sharp objects that might put a hole in the liner for your pond. Make certain that your hole for the pond is level.

Sand for the bottom of your pond
When you are prepared to put the liner in the bottom, cover the hole with sand. This will assist in keeping the liner in place. It is okay to cut away some excess of the liner to make the line easier to handle, it is also significant to keep enough to cover the edges of the hole. You may also wish to let the liner warm in the sun to make it easier to stretch.

Setting your footbridge
Picking pretty rocks and stones that you can purchase from places like Home Depot will keep the edge of the pond lined. Now you can build your bridge over the pond. That is where the real fun begins. You can create your bridge to fit your tastes, and it’s hard to make a bridge unpretty.